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Our children's programs are designed to work alongside you, to guide your children into a life-long relationship with Jesus Christ and his church. We are keenly aware that spiritual life is a heart-transforming work accomplished only by God's Spirit. Every ministry is centered in that truth and we look to God to use us to call a new generation of disciples to come and follow Him. We understand that children are disciples-in-the-making.

We are not just interested in your children. We want to help you lovingly and confidently model God's parenting. If you are feeling overwhelmed in your responsibilities, underequipped to teach and disciple, or just want to connect with other parents for help, advice and fellowship, get in touch with us.

Sunday School

We believe that even young children can understand and participate in worship. Children's Sunday School meets during the 9:30 service. During the 11:10 service, children aged 4 through Grade 3 sit with their parents until the offering; those that do not wish to stay for the sermon then proceed to Children's Church. Here, in a child-friendly environment, children meet and worship God through songs, prayer and Bible stories. They are encouraged to have their own experience where faith can be nurtured and where they are prepared to join in the full life of the Stone Hill Church of Princeton congregation.

What's my child learning at the 9:30 Sunday school?

Age 1 – 2 ½: Children are introduced to Bible stories. We cover one Bible story each month. Some of the key themes are God as Creator, God as Protector, God’s great love, and God is powerful.

Age 2 ½ -3: The  2 1/2 - 3 year-old class will be covering the following this year:
    Fall - Samuel (prayer & obedience) and God's house (giving & service)
    Winter - Jesus 's life (baby, growing boy, and adult),
    Spring - Easter stories & gratitude
    Summer - Moses stories & various Bible helpers-Scripture Press curriculum

PreK: This year, our preKindergarten class will learn 40 main stories of the Bible through story and pictures.  Learn more by going to Walk with Me Curriculum

PictureKindergarten & 1st Grade:  Both these classes follow the same curriculum looking this year at what it means to be a part of God's family, following God's direction, learning about Jesus and what it means to walk with HIm.  Learn more at

2nd Grade looks this year at God's amazing rescue plan of salvation through Jesus.  By looking at God's daring mission, Jesus' amazing power and love, and the Holy Spirit's power to changes lives, our second graders will be challenged to take a deeper step of faith.  You can learn more at

3rd Graders:  By third grade, we know children are eager and ready to learn deeper concepts that emerge from the Bible.  The year focus is on the names of God in the Bible and how they reveal truths about God's character.  For more information, go to



4th & 5th Graders:  Each of these grades meet seperately but study the same topic.  This year begins with an overview of Church History.  This unit leads into another unit that explains the unique distinctives of Stone Hill Church (protestant, non-denominational, biblical).  From there, we will challenge our students to discover the gifts God has given them to share with the church.  Winter introduces units on world religions, Justice and loving our neighbors.  Our spring units are on prayer and reading the Bible.  It will be a packed and exciting year!  Various curriculum, primarily from and from Stone HIll Church.




Children's Church (11:10 a.m.)

During the 11:10am service, young children sit with their parents to worship together. At the offering, children ages 4 through Grade 3 are invited to Children's Church that meets in our 1st Grade classroom. Music, interactive storytelling, crafts, prayer. Parents pick up their children in the 1st Grade classroom when the service is ended.


AWANA is an international organization with over 8,000 clubs around the world, serving more than one million children. "AWANA" is an acronym for Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed, based on 2 Timothy 2:15: "Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who has no need to be ashamed, rightly handling the word of truth." Designed to reach children for Christ and train them to know, love and serve Him, an Awana evening offers exciting games, age-appropriate Bible messages, and one-on-one help with scripture memorization.

Awana Events Calendar - 2018-19

Children age 3 through 8th Grade meet Wednesdays from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm. 

  • APRIL 2019
    • 03 & 10 Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head Contest
    • 24 No AWANA - Spring Break
    • 06 Special Blitz Pizza Night for kids to make progress completing handbooks
  • MAY 2019
    • 08  AWANA Store Night!
    • 15  Final AWANA Night - Awards night

Our AWANA Clubs

  • Cubbies: Ages 3&4 - First steps in following Jesus. The evening includes storytime, songs, puppet show, activities and beginning Bible verses.
  • Sparks: Kindergarten through 2nd Grade - Exciting game time & meaningful talks about God. Small group Bible memorization. Caring leaders.
  • T&T: Grades 3-6 - Help your child develop a love for God and His Word through age-appropriate talks, relationships with loving adults, and game time that's full of surprises.
  • TREK/LiTs: If your child is older than 6th grade, we have the program for you! Our TREKers have their own study time and then go on to serve as Leaders-in-Training helping our Cubbies, Sparks & TnTers. 

Awana and the Awana logo are Registered Trademarks of

ROAR Camp 2019

The mane event of the year is happening this Summer, from July 8-12th. Send your kids on a roaring adventure, where they will discover that even though life gets wild, God is always good. Through the week, kids will gather to make new friends, play creative games, live surprising bible adventures together and learn music that will stick with them throughout the Summer and beyond. Currently our registration has moved to a wait list. But please do not be discouraged, spots could open up soon! We will contact you as soon as they do. Get on the Wait List here.

Want to go wild as a volunteer and help kids celebrate that God is good through all of life's wild adventures? Register here. Information on volunteer opportunities and mandatory training dates is available on the form.

Stone Hill Learning Center

Stone Hill Learning Center (SHLC) offers academic support and enrichment programs for homeschooled students, Kindergarten through High School. Classes meet once a week for thirty-two weeks each year, from September through May. Students may choose to take one or more classes each week. SHLC is not a school, nor does it fulfill the NJ State requirement for a student’s schooling.  Nevertheless, SHLC can provide one key component in a well-rounded education.

Regular SHLC classes are held at Stone Hill Church on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 9:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. and 12:30 - 3:00 p.m.

For more information, visit the Stone Hill Learning Center website or contact Kim Torquato, Director at: 609-924-3816 (x31).

Or visit us on facebook 

For Parents

There is no easy "how to" to walking in faith with your kids, so we have several staff dedicated to encouraging and counseling parents, who regularly send out announcements about classes and events. Please contact to get connected.

If you want to do some reading, below are some books that have been recommended over the years: