Sunday School

We believe that even young children can understand and participate in worship. Children's Sunday School meets during the 9:30 service. During the 11:10 service, children aged 4 through Grade 3 sit with their parents until the offering; those that do not wish to stay for the sermon then proceed to Children's Church. Here, in a child-friendly environment, children meet and worship God through songs, prayer and Bible stories. They are encouraged to have their own experience where faith can be nurtured and where they are prepared to join in the full life of the Stone Hill Church of Princeton congregation.

Sunday School (9:30 a.m.)

What's my child learning at Sunday school?

Age 1 – 2 ½: Children are introduced to Bible stories. We cover one Bible story each month. Some of the key themes are God as Creator, God as Protector, God’s great love, and God is powerful.

Age 2 ½ -3: The  2 1/2 - 3 year-old class will be covering the following this year:
    Fall - Samuel (prayer & obedience) and God's house (giving & service)
    Winter - Jesus 's life (baby, growing boy, and adult),
    Spring - Easter stories & gratitude
    Summer - Moses stories & various Bible helpers-Scripture Press curriculum

PreK: Children will learn the key stories of the Bible.  Songs, playtime, and snack.

Kindergarten & 1st Grade: Six units this year cover:  Imagine Being Part of God's Family, Imagine Following God's Direction, Imagine Meeting Jesus, Imagine Walking with Jesus, Imagine God's Incredible Rescue Plan, Imagine Seeing God's Power (Dwell curriculum - see


2nd Graders: Six units this year cover Wonder about God's Amazing Plan, Wonder about God's Daring Mission, Wonder About Jesus' Amazing Power, Wonder about Jesus' Loving Care, Wonder about Jesus' Incredible Love, Wonder about the Holy Spirit's Life-changing Power (Dwell curriculum - see

3rd Graders:  How Majestic is Your Name - Each week, your child will learn a new name given in the bible for God as a great window into God's character.  (

4th & 5th Graders: We are in Year 1 of our 2 year sequence.  This year, your child will gain new understanding about...

Broad outline of Church History, who we are at Stone Hill  (Protestant, Evangelical, non-denominational,), a bit about Stone Hill's history, and how each of us has gifts to share with one another.  

In the near year,  we'll look at world religions, followed by units on Diversity , Justice, Loving My Neighbor, Talking with God , and Bible Reading 


Middle School Girls -After a year of learning how to study the Bible, the Middle School girls now have a chance to use these lessons as they read and discuss the gospel of Luke.  This gospel, with its beloved parables and the most detail about women in the life of Christ, is a great forum for observing carefully and applying wisely. Come and share prayer and ideas, art and laughter.


Middle School Boys - Christ's People in the book of Acts

Senior High: Jesus is the central focus and figure of the Bible. The Bible predicts His coming thousands of years before His birth, tells of His life and ministry, recounts His death, details His burial, announces His triumphant resurrection, and shows the remarkable changes in the lives of His followers. Knowing Jesus is the beginning and the end of the Christian faith. Through this yearlong study, your students will come face to face with Jesus Christ, the Son of God.


CHILDREN'S CHURCH (11:30 a.m.)

During the 11:10am service, young children sit with their parents to worship together. At the offering, children ages 4 through Grade 3 are invited to Children's Church that meets in our 1st Grade classroom. Music, interactive storytelling, crafts, prayer. Parents pick up their children in the 1st Grade classroom when the service is ended.