College Students


It's so important to find a good church home during your time in school.  While many of our students worship and fellowship throughout the week with campus ministries (we see the most students from Manna Christian FellowshipPrinceton Christian Fellowship and Christian Union: Nova), we believe it's crucial for you to step outside the college bubble and get to know believers of all ages and seasons of life.  To that end, we'd love to have you get connected with us -- and here are a few ideas for ways to do that!

  • Sign up for the young adult email list
  • Sign up for the church-wide e-bulletin email list, which will help connect you to ministry needs and special events at the church 
  • The Stone Hill Young Adults ministry, which coordinates small groups and fellowship events for grad students, young professionals, and those college students who would prefer getting involved with an off-campus small group
  • Watch each fall for announcements about student/family matching programs, to help you escape the dining hall and make intergenerational connections

Campus Shuttles

Direct shuttles to Stone Hill's Sunday morning worship run from the Princeton Theological Seminary, Princeton University and the Westminster Choir College during the academic year.  Please see schedule and routes below for information.  If you are in need of a ride to Stone Hill when the shuttle in not running, or want to join or offer a carpool from Riders, Rutgers or TCNJ, please contact the church office, 609.924.3816, Monday thru Friday 9 AM to 5 PM and we can help coordinate a ride for you.  

On the rare occasions when there are emergency interruptions to the shuttle service or a weather-related delay of church services, announcements will be posted to the e-bulletin and the church website.


Tiger Transit Shuttle Service has been temporarily suspended (beginning March 15, 2020) as church services have moved to virtual services.

Tiger Transit Bus Shuttle Service (September through May)

First Service

  • 9:05 from MacKay Hall, Princeton Theological Seminary
  • 9:10 Lakeside Drive
  • 9:13 Elm Drive at Goheen Walk
  • 9:15 Elm Drive at Dodd Hall
  • 9:20 Westminster Choir College, at Walnut and Houghton 
  • 9:28 arrive at Stone Hill
  • (return shuttle departs Stone Hill at 11:05)

Second Service

  • 10:35 from MacKay Hall, Princeton Theological Seminary
  • 10:40 Lakeside Drive
  • 10:43 Elm Drive at Goheen Walk
  • 10:45 Elm Drive at Dodd Hall
  • 10:50 Westminster Choir College, at Walnut & Houghton
  • 10:58 arrive at Stone Hill Church
  • (return shuttle departs Stone Hill at 12:35)

Tram route is Seminary, Lakeside, Elm Drive at Goheen, Elm Drive at Dod, and then the Choir Collegethe tram stops at the Seminary shuttle stop on College road, at Edwards hall at Princeton University, and in front of Westminster College