College Students

Welcome college students!  We at Stone Hill are committed to integrating students into the full life of the church, and we hope the information on this page will help to start getting you connected.

It's so important to find a good church home during your time in school.  While many of our students worship and fellowship throughout the week with campus ministries (which we encourage you to get involved with -- see some of our recommendations below!), we believe it's crucial for you to step outside the college bubble and get to know believers of all ages and seasons of life.  To that end, we'd love to have you get connected with us -- and here are a few ideas for ways to do that!

  • Sign up for your location-specific college students email list, linked below!
  • Sign up for the church-wide e-bulletin email list, which will help connect you to ministry needs and special events at the church  (click here to be added to this list).
  • See some of the ways you can help serve the church by checking out this list of current ministry needs.
  • Our Student Connections program, by which interested students are matched with area families for fellowship, discipleship or simple home-away-from-home home cooking and rides to Target. If you missed this year's sign-up drive, send a note to the church office and we'll find you a family.
  • The Stone Hill Young Adults ministry, which coordinates small groups and fellowship events for grad students, young professionals, and those college students who would prefer getting involved with an off-campus small group.

Princeton University and Westminster Choir College students

We've separated out the Princeton and Westminster undergrads because of their geographic proximity to the church -- we provide a free Sunday morning shuttle service before and after each service from these campuses up to Stone Hill.  Sign up for this email list and you'll get notifications about the shuttle service, info about Sunday brunches together in the dining halls, and other info on ways to get connected at Stone Hill!  You'll also get occasional pastoral emails from Pastors Matt and Tracy aimed specifically at college students.

Recommended campus ministries:

TCNJ students

There is a growing community of TCNJ students attending Stone Hill, and we're so glad you're all here!  We want to help you get connected to each other and to the broader church community, so sign up for this email list to get relevant updates, information about special church events and ways you can serve, and other details on how to connect at Stone Hill.  You'll also get occasional pastoral emails from Pastors Matt and Tracy aimed specifically at college students.

Rider, Rutgers, and other colleges

We'd love to help all college students to find a church home and a tight-knit community here at Stone Hill!  So we encourage you to sign up for the Stone Hill Young Adults email list, to get immediately connected to a thriving community of "college and career" folks in the area.  You'll get regular emails about our weekly Sunday lunches after either service, info about special events, and other ways to get connected to the church community.  We'll also forward on the semi-regular pastoral emails from Pastors Matt and Tracy for all college students.