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Sunday Mornings

 Starting at 9:30 AM, all 4th-12th grade aged students begin Sunday School together in the upstairs Youth Room for a time of Worship, Prayer, Scripture Reading, and Fellowship over a pancake breakfast. Classes break for their time of study around 10 AM.

Spring 2018 Sunday School series:

·        Middle School Guys: A study on ‘The Person of Jesus.’

·        Middle School Girls: A study on ‘The Person of Jesus.’

·        High School:  A series called ‘The People of God’, which charts the journey of God’s people through Scripture, from the call of Abraham all the way to Revelation, where people from every tribe, tongue and nation will be gathered before the throne.

Thanks very much! Let me know if you have any questions or problems!

Friday Nights

Youth Group is held on Friday evenings from 6:30 to 8:30 PM. Both Middle School and High School meet at the same time, but they follow different schedules and study different subjects.

After we start with a time of worship all together at 6:30, middle school then has a time of fellowship & games from 6:45-7:30. After that, they get a snack and then engage in an interactive teaching and discussion session until 8pm. They are going through the Old Testament, learning about the key individuals, stories and moments in the narrative, and learning what God may be saying to us through those today.

High School students on the other hand, have their teaching and discussion at 6:45, right after worship. They are studying a series on who God is, and why it should matter in our everyday lives. At 7:30, they get their snack and then have social time until 8pm.

At 8pm, we move into our small groups for prayer and to share what is happening in one another’s lives. We have 4 small groups: MS girls, HS girls, MS boys, and HS boys.

Books for Parents

If you want to do some reading, below are some books that have been recommended over the years. And students? Feel free to read these too and tell us what you think...


Youth Staff

Aly Hamilton

Middle School Girls Leader
  • Interesting Fact: I've got goats
  • Where do you work: At a garden center
  • Where did you grow up: Washington Crossing, PA
  • Weirdest thing you ever ate: Pig brain

April Clare

High School Girls Leader
  • Favorite Food: Too many!
  • Favorite Movie: Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Pink Panther movies (Peter Sellers ones)
  • Your Occupation: Geologist/project manager for an environmental consulting firm
  • Favorite Quote: "We have met the enemy and he is us." -Pogo

Becca Gater

High School Girls Leader
  • Favorite Bible Verse: Romans 12:1-2
  • Weirdest thing you ever ate: Squid Ink Ravioli
  • Where you grew up: Alameda, CA; Brooklyn, NY; Wachington, DC
  • Your Occupation: Super Mom! Masquerading as Office Administartion
  • Favorite Quote: "As for accomplishments, I just did what I had to do as things came along." -Eleanor Roosevelt

Chris Browne

Middle School Small Group Leader
  • Is currently pursuing his PhD at Princeton University
  • Grew Up: In quiet Stow Ohio before moving to Purdue University (Indiana) for his undergrad in Chemical Engineering
  • Favorite Food: Corned beef, which he eats every time he visits home
  • During Spare Time: Loves rock climbing in gyms around the area and outdoors whenever he finds a suitable cliff face
  • When he can’t climb he settles for hiking or biking

Donna Nitchun

Middle School Girls Leader
  • Favorite Bible Verse: Romans 15:13
  • Favorite TV Show: Parenthood
  • Favorite Hobby: Hearing stories about God's work in people's lives. 

Ji Hae Ju

Youth Leader
  • Where did you grow up: Staten Island, NY
  • Favorite Movie: Pride and Prejudice 
  • Favorite Food: Pho, Bhindi Masala, Buffalo Wings... Savory food makes me happy!
  • Your Occupation: Librarian - I order movies, audiobooks and ebooks for a living.  It's awesome!
  • Interesting fact: Never owned a pet until last year.  Now I have six chickens I'm obsessed with.

Junyi Lee

High School Guys Leader
  • Favorite Food: I'm of the opinion that the best way to cook meat is on a charcoal grill so.... I'd say meat on a grill!
  • Favorite Book: Les Miserables. The full, un-abridged version!
  • My Occupation: I hunt dark, elusive, obscure forces in a dungeon on Princeton's campus where many shiny cauldrons of bubbling, frothing liquid line the corridors. 
  • Favorite Hobby: Frolicking in the mountains while admiring our Lord's breathtaking creation and ending the day sitting and singing around a nice fire with friends.

Penny Stone

High School Girls Leader
  • Favorite Hobby: Gardening
  • Favorite Book: Alexander's Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day (I'm a kid at heart)
  • Where you grew up: Wooler, Ontario, Canada
  • Your Occupation: Working for myself as a professional organizer
  • Favorite Bible Verse: Jeremiah 29:11

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