Sunday Mornings

Starting at 9:30 AM, all 4th-12th grade aged students begin Sunday School together in the upstairs Youth Room for a time of Worship, Prayer, Scripture Reading, and Fellowship over a pancake breakfast. Classes break for their time for study around 10 AM.

Middle School Guys Sunday School:

  • Join us for a yearlong biblical study of Jesus Christ throughout the whole narrative of Scripture.

Middle School Girls Sunday School:

  • Join us for a yearlong study on biblical womanhood.

High School Sunday School:

  • We are currently in a series Mark – The Story of Jesus Christ, the Son of God                  

"Who is Jesus Christ?" That is the question that the Gospel of Mark was written to answer, and no question could be more relevant to our own lives today. In fact, we will discover that answering this question also tells who we are and what life is all about. Come and find out just who Mark says Jesus was and is, what he accomplished – and how that helps us live our lives today – as we study the most exciting (and true!) story ever.