11.18.2022 | Tracy Troxel

James: Week 11

James 5:13-20 Are you presently experiencing a chronic or acute illness? Have you considered asking...

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11.15.2022 | SHC Staff

Devotional and Activities Resources for Advent

The SHC Staff has put together a list of advent resources for all ages. We...

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11.11.2022 | Tracy Troxel

James: Week 10

James 5:1-12 James takes unscrupulous wealthy people to task. James is not condemning wealthy people....

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11.4.2022 | Tracy Troxel

James: Week 9

James 4:13-18 One of our great temptations is to believe that we have lots of...

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11.1.2022 | Tracy Troxel

Anger Inventory: James 4:6-10

James 4 helps us to understand what causes our anger and also how to deal...

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10.28.2022 | Tracy Troxel

James: Week 8

James 4:1-12 James teaches us that our anger is caused by disordered desires. What are...

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10.25.2022 | Andrew Zakhari

Managing Change: Spending Time with God in the Morning

First things first: Sleep!  The secret to the start of a good morning begins with the...

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10.24.2022 | Tracy Troxel

James: Week 7

James 3:13-18 Selfish ambition and jealousy, according to James, cause disorder and every vile practice. ...

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10.14.2022 |

James: Week 6

James 3:1-12 If you are a teacher of God’s word (Sunday School teacher, AWANA leader,...

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10.10.2022 | Andrew Zakhari

Managing Change This Fall

For many, fall is the beginning of new opportunities and a return to familiar routines:...

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10.7.2022 |

James: Week 5

James 2:14-26 This is a tough passage, but I believe it is very helpful for...

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10.1.2022 | Tracy Troxel

James: Week 4

James 2:1-13 Why is showing favoritism or partiality antithetical to Jesus Christ? Honestly who is...

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