This Week's Bulletin

March 19

Amos 8 | Judgment at Noonday

Weekly Discussion Questions

  • Read Deut. 10:12-16. What does the practice of true spirituality consist of? God’s people in Amos were physically attending worship regularly but their hearts were focused on increasing profits. Why is this a problem?
    • Why is it so important that our hearts and our actions match to God?
    • Where do you find conflict between your heart and your actions?
  • What specific sins were the people guilty of in this chapter?
    • What are the messages our culture sends about the importance of work over rest?
    • What is your practice of rest like for yourself, and family?
    • If you were able to rest more in God, what changes would be made to your attitude towards your work?
  • Inability to rest leads to ongoing oppressive dynamics, especially ones that hurt the poor.
    • How does the fact that Jesus identifies with the poor and at the same time takes the judgment oppressors deserve give you insight into God’s love and character?
    • How does Jesus give us true rest when we turn to him?