This Week's Bulletin

October 1

Genesis 1 | A World Fit for a King

Weekly Discussion Questions

Three general questions for digging deeper:

  • What does this text teach us about God?
  • What does this text teach us about ourselves?
  • If this text is true, what should we do to obey this teaching?

Genesis 1

Starter question: What from God’s creation brings you joy? Why?

  • What questions come to mind when you engage with the book of Genesis?
  • Why study Genesis today?
    • What contemporary issues does Genesis address?
    • What Christian doctrines emerge from the book of Genesis that are essential to our faith?
  • A neighbor asks you the question: “Do you believe Genesis 1 talks about how the world was literally created? Do you believe Genesis 1 is true?”
    • How would you respond?
  • What does Genesis 1 teach us about God? About creation? About ourselves?
  • What does Genesis teach us about Jesus?
  • What does the gospel have to do with Genesis 1?
    • How does that speak to you with where you are in your temptations and trials?