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April 18 – How Jesus Moves His Church Forward

Acts 1:12-26

Discussion Questions

Discussion Questions for Acts 1:12-26

  • The Apostles made prayer a priority when they gathered in Jerusalem.
    • What convictions about prayer need you need to be reminded of to keep prayer a priority in your personal life? In your life as a small group? 
  • The group gathered in the upper room had different responses to Jesus: the women believed the resurrection and were the first to proclaim it; Thomas doubted until he touched the wounds of Jesus; Jesus’ brothers didn’t believe in him until his resurrection.  
    • What’s the relationship between being united to one another and praying? 
    • What is it about prayer that softens us to God and to others?  Who do you need to pray with and for right now where you wished there was more unity between you? 
    • What would it look like to take steps in that direction?
  • Share a time in your life in which Scripture guided your steps.  
    • What would an appropriate use of the Scriptures look like to make decisions vs. an inappropriate one?  
    • How does the good news about Jesus shape your decision making in the following areas of life: your work, your family, your hobbies, ways money is used? Take a moment and discuss one of these areas that you haven’t discussed much about before and work through it with the group. 
  • Matthias is never mentioned again in the Scriptures after this passage.
    • What does this teach us about how the Holy Spirit works in the life of the church?  
    • How does humility play a role in understanding the Spirit’s work in the world? 
    • What makes it hard to be humble in relation to knowing God’s ways in the world?  
    • What would it look like for the church to be humble in relation to dissenting views? 
    • What are ways you wish to grow in humility in the coming weeks? Ask God for help.

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