This Week's Bulletin

June 13 – One Heart and Soul In A Divided World

Acts 4:32-37

Discussion Questions

  • Simon the Zealot and Matthew the tax collector are two of the disciples.  They would be polar opposites politically.  Yet, they, along with 5000+ people are said to be of one heart and soul.  How do you react to that?  Have you seen that kind of unity in a diverse group of believers before?  Why is it hard for followers of Jesus to be diverse and yet of one heart and soul?
  • Luke mentions that the resurrection of Jesus Christ and great grace was upon this diverse yet unified followers of Jesus.  How would this unite a diverse group?  What are some of the issues that crowd out the resurrection of Jesus Christ from our discussions with one another and our discussions outside the church?
  • Luke also mentions that the diverse but united church was extremely generous with one another.  How does generosity unite a diverse group of people?  What other generous activities could help unify the body of Christ.