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December 5 – Prayer According to Jesus

Matthew 6:5-15

Discussion Questions

Here are three basic questions you can always ask in any bible study:

  • What does this text teach us about God?
  • What does this text teach us about ourselves?
  • If this text is true, what should we do to obey this teaching?  This answer ought to be specific in that it can be clearly measured.

Specific questions about this text (Matthew 6:5-15):

(Of the five questions listed, select two or three questions for discussion for the group if time is limited).

  • When has prayer come easier to you in your life? When has prayer been more difficult? What are regular barriers you experience in your prayer life and what has helped you work through them?
  • Why does Jesus’ speak against hypocritical and “Gentile” praying? How does such praying distort the true nature of prayer?
  • What do the words “Our Father” tell us about the nature of Christian prayer? What is the significance that Jesus is the one who gives us the words to pray?
  • The Lord’s Prayer has seven petitions (requests) that cover an array of desires and needs. The first three have to do with God. What does the fact that the prayer starts with the desire that God’s name be kept holy teach us about what takes priority for our prayer life? Why is this good news? How would praying for God’s name to be kept holy first and foremost affect the way you prayed about your day, your relationships, etc?
  • The last four petitions have to do our needs for food, forgiveness, and for fortitude (strength). What daily needs in your life does God supply that are easy to take for granted? Why is asking for forgiveness from God so important? How does the fact that we daily need God’s forgiveness change the way you interact with others? Where is your faith being tested now? What temptations do you need help overcoming this holiday season?   

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