11.15.2022 | SHC Staff

Devotional and Activities Resources for Advent

The SHC Staff has put together a list of advent resources for all ages. We...

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11.1.2022 | Tracy Troxel

Anger Inventory: James 4:6-10

James 4 helps us to understand what causes our anger and also how to deal...

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10.28.2022 | Tracy Troxel

James: Week 8

James 4:1-12 James teaches us that our anger is caused by disordered desires. What are...

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10.1.2022 | Tracy Troxel

James: Week 4

James 2:1-13 Why is showing favoritism or partiality antithetical to Jesus Christ? Honestly who is...

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9.14.2022 | Lindsei Lansky Luciano

Welcoming the Little Children

When the disciples were fighting to see who was the greatest, Jesus said: "Whoever receives...

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7.15.2022 | Alex Feng

What Is An Elder?

One of the ambitions that we have in 2022 as both the Stone Hill staff...

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6.15.2022 |

How to Talk to Kids About Sexuality Panel Discussion

On June 12, 2022, the Family Ministries Team held a panel discussion to address how...

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5.27.2022 | Brian Dorini

Let’s Become Paid in Full. . .Together!

Our Church Building cost ~$20M! We have occupied it since late 2013. By God’s grace,...

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3.3.2022 | Betsy Ferrer

Observing Lent with Your Family: Setting Expectations

“Why is this so difficult?” I prayed. “You ask me to teach my children about...

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3.1.2022 | Mary McCormack

The Additions of Lent

When we think of Lent, we naturally think of a time to give things up...

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2.24.2022 | Becca Gater

Essentials of Faith: Serving

I became a follower of Jesus in college. I knew nothing of baptism and my...

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2.22.2022 | SHC Staff

Lent Resources

The Stone Hill staff has put together a number of recommended resources to consider for...

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