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In seeking to Know God, we dig deeper into God’s Word through a variety of classes and Bible studies hosted throughout the week. From casual discussions about the Sunday sermon to in-depth, college-level theology courses, Stone Hill Church offers many great opportunities to connect with one another and grow in your knowledge of the Scriptures.

Sunday Morning Adult Education

May 1 – June 12

Revelation Part Two: God’s Love Letter to the Church

Taught by Jim Neumann | Sanctuary | 10:30 a.m.

The Book of Revelation has been said to offer one of the clearest visions of God’s ultimate purpose for creation in all of Scripture. Yet this same book has been the subject of much confusion over the centuries and is often simply ignored. We ignore this book, however, at the risk of forfeiting the unique blessings of hope that it has to offer us. Come join us for this exploration of how God’s love letter to the church teaches us to live in the light of the victory that Christ has already won.

Discipleship for the Whole Church

Library | 10:30 a.m.

Designed to equip all adults to disciple the next generation of the church, this class follows the Sunday School curriculum used in kids/youth classes. Diving deeper into the Scripture and weekly themes of those classes, practical tips and tricks for intentional discipleship of kids and youth will also be discussed.

The Lord & Giver of Life

Taught by Pastor Andrew | Harris Hall | 10:30 a.m.

This class focuses on the person and work of the Holy Spirit from creation to the present day. You will engage with key scriptures pertaining to the Holy Spirit, learn what Protestant, Roman Catholic, and Eastern Orthodox views are about the Spirit, discover the Spirit’s role in salvation, how the Spirit equips the church with gifts and sends out the church in mission to the world.

Just for Starters

Taught by Phil DeCicco | Adult Ed Room (May 1 class will meet the Prayer Chapel) | 10:30 a.m.

This class is for new Christians. We will use a Bible Study format to look at what the Bible teaches on seven fundamental topics: saved by God, trusting in God, living God’s way, listening to God, talking to God, meeting with God’s family, & meeting the world.

Women’s Bible Study

Teach Us to Pray: Lessons from the Old Testament

Tuesdays | 9:30-11:00 a.m.

This large group meeting with small group breakouts will focus on the lessons of prayer found throughout the Old Testament. These lessons have much to teach us to strengthen and embolden our prayer lives. Childcare is available. Register today! Questions? Contact Mary McCormack.

Jeremiah: An In-depth Study

Thursdays | 10:00-11:30 a.m.

Dig deep into the second half of the book of Jeremiah this fall, as the Thursday morning Bible Study group meets to study Jeremiah 30-52. This class is led by Connie Wieler and meets virtually. Questions? Contact Connie or Debbie Monn.

Precept Bible Study: I & II Thessalonians

Wednesdays | 9:00-11:00 a.m.

Precepts Upon Precepts is an in depth study method that uses God’s Word to explain God’s Word. After each class discussion, a video which expands upon the lesson will be shown. This study will have homework of approximately 5 hours a week (45-60 minutes a day for 5 days). Participants are encouraged to attend even if homework has not been completed. Please join us as we get to know God better through His Word!

Register today! Questions? Contact Nancy Tonnesson.


Escaping the Pornography Trap

Monday | May 9 | 7:30 p.m. | Zoom Webinar

Pornography is a widespread problem for both men and women alike, both in the church and in the larger culture. Pastor Andrew, drawing from his extensive experience as an addiction treatment provider and drawing also from the fields of behavioral science, Christian counseling, and theology, will share the best-known resources available in addressing pornography use. He will provide practical steps to help those struggling with this issue to overcome, and, ultimately, find freedom and healing.
You are invited to attend this anonymous 60-minute webinar on Monday, May 9 (click here for the meeting link–no registration required). No one joining the webinar will know who is in attendance. There will be time for questions and answers. Questions? Contact Pastor Andrew.

Meeting Note: When you select the link to enter the webinar, you will be directed first to a page requiring you to input an email address and name. Please enter “gmail@gmail.com” for the email address and “anonymous” for the name, and you should be able to enter the webinar without compromising anonymity.

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RightNow Media offers a host of classes for all ages. In addition, Stone Hill’s membership and baptism classes are offered on demand through RightNow Media. Create your RNM profile today!

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