Global Outreach

Since the founding of Stone Hill Church in 1956, Global Outreach has been an integral part of our DNA. Today, we support more than 30 missionary groups (families and organizations) working to fulfill the Great Commission.

Global Connect Initiative

A tangible way you can engage the world is by connecting with one of our GO partners to support them through prayer and communication throughout the year.

Connect with a GO Partner

Louisa (Southeast Asia)

Louisa works with Rohingya refugees in Southeast Asia. The local church has started a community center offering English classes, mental health sessions, and income generation projects. In her current ministry stage, Louisa is thrilled about building closer friendships and it is a joy to walk alongside ladies who are growing as leaders in their community. In the future, her ministry hopes to expand current programs, creating new opportunities for Rohingya boys and girls who are coming of age. Reach out to her by email.


GO Team

  • The Global Outreach team is looking for new members to serve as liaisons between the congregation and our global partners.

Short Term Missions

  • We have a flourishing short-term mission program that supports our missionaries and local community outreach. Our praise is to the Lord for the many years SHC has been about making dedicated followers of Jesus Christ in Princeton and around the world.

Long Term Missions

  • Contact the GO team for more information on how to begin the process of carrying out the mission of Stone Hill Church around the world.